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My goal is to partner with parents to provide support, encouragement, and specialized activities for children

who need a little extra help

on their journey to become successful, happy students.

Miss Fran's Online Tutoring Service



Miss Fran creates individually designed lessons for ages 3 years old through 5th grade based on IEP and early childhood development goals.  Her desire is to see each student grow into a confident and thriving individual, allowing them to “graduate” out of the need for her tutoring. 


She’s caring, patient, and has the ability to quickly connect and gain trust with any age group.  Through her gift of intuition

and years of experience, she is able to meet each child at their current level

while encouraging them towards growth through their  specially designed lesson plans.

In addition to your online tutoring sessions, Miss Fran will also provide each student with ideas, activities, and resources

their family can use in order to provide important practice at home, in between sessions.

Miss Fran is available to consult with your child's teacher and/oryour Special Education service provider.


"I have known Miss Fran for more than 10 years. She is an outstanding, amazing, and kind individual. She has worked with all four of my children and I believe her speech services are the reason they have excelled academically. Her passion for teaching and love for children is shown by the success of the children she has taught."

Lordes, M.


Message us for more information or to schedule an introductory assessment.

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